Seeing Yellow, Green, Red...

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02-02-2007 10:48:09

I am about to buy greens and I wanted to know if the freebie site will show when a user has gone green or is that a separate tool? I read about the "GreenCheck" tool from Project Payday. I see how that tool gives you the exact status of a user, but will the freebie site that I'm getting the referal from give me an accurate status as well?


02-02-2007 10:50:37

The freebie site itself will provide the status. Any 3rd party status tools will just scrape the webpage of each site (unless they offer an API, and I don't know any that do these days).


03-02-2007 08:28:52

yep just look at the status for their email address and u will see it )


04-02-2007 16:36:19

I have not had any trouble checking the status of any of my referrals so far. My question is - once they are green, do they always stay that way?? Usually???