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02-02-2007 08:41:16

So the cancelation number on the site "1-800-630-2305" brings me to thier automated voice recording asking me to press a number to go to the right service. IE '1' to order, '2' to get an RMA number '3' for instructions on where to ship it back, etc.

So I try to talk to a customer service rep to cancel my account... and it takes me to what I think is a police station. Some guy was teaching the rules of how to raid a drug house or something. I call back and try a different option... same lecture. I am listening in on the conversation for awhile before I give up. HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS PROGRAM!?


02-02-2007 08:54:16

Well you don't ask here.


02-02-2007 14:54:08

why wouldn't you want to learn how to raid a drug house?