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01-02-2007 19:26:44

i got a person to complete offer for me.i clicked on "initiate a trade with this person" in his profile,but failed.i din't understand how to send my referral link to him to "confirm" our trade.


01-02-2007 19:31:15

ok, so
first, you click initiate a trade with the user, then enter some basic info (for ex. how much u pay, conditions, etc). then you will be redirected and you will read success.

then u go to the trades, click on requester's notes, insert ure link there, and let the other complete the offer.

pm me with any other q


01-02-2007 20:28:57

Isn't there a trade module tutorial that will show you exactly how to do all of this??


04-02-2007 16:46:02

The trade module tutorial is available on the trade module page (click "Trades" at the upper right corner of the screen). I found it very helpful when I started, and recommend it to all of the newbies I trade with.