i have no clue????

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30-01-2007 13:29:00

ok i have searched the site. maybe i'm not hitting the right KEY WORDS but this is the deal.

Obviously i'm new. i did a trade for nocreditcard.yourgiftsfree. ok? with me so far. ok i signed up to the site for the first time and did an offer. now i get denied. ok. fine. i get a hold of tech support and they say i have to wait 7 days in order to do any offers. is there a list of site somewhere that i can see what the requirments are? like nocreditcard.yourgiftsfree = register and wait 7 days to help a member get the greens?

thanks in advance. i hope all sites are not like this.


30-01-2007 14:25:42

That's not what he meant. Did you submit a manual credit request right after you did the offer? If you did, you shouldn't have. If you do an offer just let it credit, it will most of the time without you filling out the request. If it does not credit in 7 days, then you can fill out the manual credit request to receive credit.


30-01-2007 15:28:16

in order to file a manual credit you need to give them your confirmation email from the offer u did including headers. if u do not get a confirmation email it is often hard for them to give u manual credit. but do not submit for manual until after 7 days.


30-01-2007 18:34:29

What do you mean by you "got denied" ?