Freebies? Ha!

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27-01-2007 07:47:00

Why do these companies call their "so called gifts" "freebies" ? None of them are free. There are requirements to meet and they all cost something in one way or another.


27-01-2007 08:08:22

Because you are supposed to do offers in which you are interested. Also, not all offers cost, there are many offers that do not need a credit card.


27-01-2007 08:50:00

How do I go about GiftMonkey> Newbie here, sorry.


27-01-2007 12:09:32

[quote390440afd0="gamergrrl7"]How do I go about GiftMonkey> Newbie here, sorry.[/quote390440afd0]

What do you want to know about it?


27-01-2007 15:03:08

yea, it's more like getting a discount.


27-01-2007 16:37:28

your still getting the product for free in most cases.... you do an offer, and your supposed to have the rest under you do one. so you are gertting the gift free if you do it how your supposed....besides as stated earlier, the offers are things you would do none the less. or are supposed to be. you just do it through them. as for the giftmonkey, sign up,,,,(preferrably under someone, might as help someone as you help yourself) and do an offer, then get people to do them for you as a ref. its that easy.