Karma "Yummie and Me" (The Musical)

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27-01-2007 00:16:47

I just traded with probably the kindest person I have met. How do I give them Karma points? And, before you go there...I read alot, but I have to be at the airport in 2 1/2 hours and haven't packed. Give me some slack. ) Jokes out of love my ever so wonderful admin. )


27-01-2007 04:48:23

Go to either his topic and hit +Karma on the left under his name or you can go to his profile and it's right there on the right.


27-01-2007 13:21:36

lol.... fiddleworm. so you want to give some karma points P
u want one too though, huh, eh~ don't lie.... wink
i'll give ya one oops

and jkirk, so cool shock !