just wanted to know

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25-01-2007 21:59:19

ok... so if a person is in your trade module for quite a while... not answering pms, or emails... it IS fair to just cancel the TM and forget about the person.... i dont wanna get tagged with... i canceled on a person who supposedly" did an offer" but never marked so in the TM....OR a person says o jeez i jsut never got around to it... i want it again...

thanks for any responses


25-01-2007 22:06:25

you can probably PM an admin here and they'll tell you when the last time a user logged in here

if it's been a while, they'll probably give you the ok to request cancel
but if the user came back and PM'ed you about it.. you should probably do your part


26-01-2007 07:44:48

Arite man thanks