1/2 and 1/3 credit problems.

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25-01-2007 13:06:44

I'm having a little trouble now with people just completing 1/3 credit and 1/2 credits and thinking that they are done and expecting their payment. Are most referral sites like that where they offer these 1/2 and 1/3 credits? I thought you have to complete a full credit and your referrals just have to complete any offer for you to get credit. On my site, GiftsInnovations, I only read that a referral has to complete an offer for me to get credit.


25-01-2007 14:01:10

it all depends on the site. some sites may only require a "offer completed" while most rate there offers either by points or A and B offers. those sites ussually require referrals to either complete a full point (2 1/2 credit offers, 1 full credit offer, 3 1/3 credit offers..etc.) or for them to complete a A offer. always be sure to read into the sites before you start getting referrals


25-01-2007 14:08:54

yea, they have to get 1 full credit offer to get paid.