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24-01-2007 14:55:55

To all,

Project Payday is a site that helps get people into the freebie scene. We offer various training materials and "how to" information in our members website. Perhaps some of you "old timers" have noticed some new members here lately?

Our site is/was a collaborative effort, with multiple people and even a few freelance writers contributing to the material in our members site. Recently, Don at Freebie Training brought to our attention the fact that he believed one of our writers copied some material from one of his older guides, which discusses a lot of the same material and also helps people to get greens, etc.

After going back and forth with Don we are close to getting to the bottom of this, and I just wanted to post an update and apologize to anyone involved. I know there has been some confusion with some of our members, and some of his members, etc.

We have agreed that Don is going to send me the specifics on what he feels is too similar between our material and his material, and we are going to re-write parts of our material to ensure that they are two completely different and unique freebie guides.

Don will post his comments, and I sincerely apologize again for this "mess". We definitely won't be using freelance writers ever again.

Project Payday


24-01-2007 16:01:19

But but but...we LOVE the new people!

unknown uchiha

24-01-2007 16:25:56

We enjoy the new people, but would appreciate if the guide had a section which stated the rules for each forum (A4F, FiPG, etc.). Too many newbies coming in and bumping threads within a few minutes/spamming reflinks/trading refs with people having under 4 TR (both users) and then getting scammed and complaining/etc.


24-01-2007 17:05:33

I purchased your info this week on your website project payday. But it is confusing. It doesn't explain about if you can visit the same site more than once to win a prize, or how many times you can go to the same site and go green for someone. It helped me find this site, but it should be more explanatory.

After I read it all twice, I was still going 'what?' I think maybe that is why there are so many new people here asking questions and making mistakes.


24-01-2007 17:08:24

Well to answer your questions
Some sites allow you to complete them twice, ask the site owner before doing so.
You can only sign up for a site once, so you can only go green once per site.
You can only do an offer once on any site.


24-01-2007 18:48:21

they sell this information?


24-01-2007 20:07:00

They do sell this information = )...actually I "purchased" the Project Payday Guide by doing an convenient. LOL My opinion...not that anyone asked for it but I feel the need to share it. I am a "hands on" learner. I could read 1000 different guides about how to do freebie sites, how to go green, what to do and what not to do, how to request manual credit, blah blah blah... and I would still make just as many mistakes as if I hadn't read any of it. I think the best thing here to help the newbies learn and become a constant in our ever growing freebie world if for those of us who have a pretty good handle on how things work, to be patient and polite and offer as much help as we possibly can to the new people. Not only do a lot of people learn from making mistakes, but I can say from personal experience that having a very kind, patient and understanding teacher my first night to the forums (THANKS SHAGGZ) is the only reason I didn't get frustrated and give up. I keep seeing established traders with incredibly high TR making mention of newbies that sign up as referrals and then never sign onto the forum or answer PM's after that. Would you keep going back to something that you didn't understand if nobody was willing to welcome you kindly and give you a bit of help at the beginning?? I know I wouldn't....ok enough of that...there's work to do. AND TO ALL YOU NEWBIES OUT THERE... I AM ON AIM AND YIM SO IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, FEEL FREE TO IM ME. Happy day everyone!

unknown uchiha

25-01-2007 00:49:54

Wow they're seriously making bank off this stuff.


25-01-2007 00:57:42

my question is how do they(projectpayday) get so many people to their site? If I looked at their site, the first thing I would say is "Scam" without even signing up.


25-01-2007 07:58:02

[quotef6050c5162="kidd2108"]my question is how do they(projectpayday) get so many people to their site? If I looked at their site, the first thing I would say is "Scam" without even signing up.[/quotef6050c5162]

Being the skeptic that I am, I'm not really sure how they got me to go along with it. I think they charge something like $45 for their guide, but the offer to complete ONE OFFER instead of paying $45 seemed to me to be an "ok why the heck not. Can't hurt to try right" kinda thing. And I'm so glad I layed down my skepticism for that brief moment or I never would have found this wonderful world of freebies D


25-01-2007 15:54:04

yeah i always wonder why people pay for free information. sure it is all together yada yada yada


26-01-2007 12:51:29

Hi everyone!!! I`m a newbie too. I`m just wondering, how is it that I find the traders that are paying $ and I let others know that I am willing to pay $ to other traders. It is just by posting it here????


26-01-2007 12:54:45

yeah, you go to the trading post and see all the offers there, then you can post a thread ureself.
only after reading the rules!!!


26-01-2007 12:54:49

Look in the Trading Thread and PM them


26-01-2007 13:14:56

[quote09ee0a96c2="TryinToGetPaid"]Look in the Trading Thread and PM them[/quote09ee0a96c2]

get to them before anyone else does and make them happy with a good trade! hopefully they wont scam you lol