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23-01-2007 17:49:30

Hello there!

First off, I can't believe this has been going on for years according to Project Payday. Man, I've been missing out on some easy money! Anyways, how do you check the sites you can't click on to review them first before agreeing to do a trade?

I've seen offers from people and I wanted to inform them to let them know that I'm interested, but some of their websites aren't clickable and when I try to copy and paste it into my browser, it doesn't work.

I just don't want to agree to something and then have to change my mind. That looks bad on my part.


23-01-2007 17:55:33

You mean like check the offers? There are many sites that have all the offers available to you before you sign up.


23-01-2007 17:57:58

ok, where are they?


23-01-2007 19:15:22

Another option is to ask the persons who you plan to trade with for the offer list. That is if the site won't display the offers.


24-01-2007 05:23:33

Thanks guys!

Can I ask a different question on this thread or should I create a new thread?


24-01-2007 05:25:47

Make a new thread.


24-01-2007 05:35:38

This might help a bit for some sites.