I need help!!!

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23-01-2007 15:49:24

I'am here,now what???????[ I need help getting started!!!!!!! IS ANY BODY LISTENING!!!!!!!!!color=red]


23-01-2007 15:50:35

What do you need help with? AIM me at jkirk7msa


23-01-2007 16:42:10

feel free to msn me at email==phriq86@hotmail.comphriq86@hotmail.com=phriq86@hotmail.comphriq86@hotmail.com/email or pm me with any questions


23-01-2007 19:46:27

Why don't you read some of the guides some generous members spent hours upon hours creating for new people? Or you could just moan and groan for someone else to help you wipe your ass because you're too lazy to read. Whichever... shrug


24-01-2007 07:12:45

Wow, that's a little harsh, bballp6699, you could have just pointed her in the right direction.

That being said, sherryp, you might try to ask nicely for help. If you can be specific in your questions we can answer them for you. BTW I didn't understand the PM you sent me, it didn't make sense to me.

Please let us know what your questions are and we will try to help!