New and a bit confused, can some Nice person help?

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23-01-2007 08:47:19

Hello Everyone,

I am new here, of course or I wouldn't be posting for 'Help'! I signed up as a referral from 'project payday'.

I am honest and reliable, and until a few minutes ago I thought I was rather bright, but this site has me mega confused. I have my paypal account all set up, but am waiting for the deposits that paypal made in my bank account so I can become verified. I guess it takes a day or so before the deposit shows up, grr....!

I am just starting out, trying to earn Tutition Money for Sons College Tuition. I believe I understand 'going green' it means I will have completed something successfully. But if a person gets no points for trading with someone else who has no points, how the heck am I ever going to be able to 'go green' or sell my services? roll

Is there anyone out there who is nice enough to help me a little, so I can figure this thing out and actually make some genuine money?

Thanks much in advance, and have a super day!


PS I will leave my yahoo messenger on, but you will need to send a add buddy request to me before sending me an im, it's the only way to keep the wierdos away wink my yahoo id is debbusa


23-01-2007 08:54:56

You do not get a TR ( Trader Rating ) if both the swappers have a TR of less than 4 at the time of trade.

To build your TR, you should trade with people who have a TR of more than 4.

However, that doesn't stop you from doing offers.

By The Way, If you want to do offers, PM Me.


23-01-2007 17:16:11

feel free to pm me, i will be happy to help with questions


23-01-2007 19:32:52

stun I too thought I was a reasonably intelligent person until I began trying to absorb all [iae554597d2]this[/iae554597d2]!! The best advice I can give (seein' as I'm a newbie too!) is read, read, read some more instructional threads, take notes and keep excellent records/printouts of everything...The paypal verification deposits do take a couple of days to show up...It's a very good idea to do offers with experienced and trusted traders, so you can get TR and build a good reputation for yourself, like someone mentioned, and so you are less likely to be taken advantage of...I can tell you for sure this is not something where you can just set up shop and start rakin' in the bucks. You have to prove yourself first, but if you work with the right people and have patience, there is some tuition money to be made... )


23-01-2007 19:39:23


well said.