What to do when your offer doesnt credit

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There are going to be times when an offer you complete wont credit for you. And i have many of my refs not understand what they need to do at this point to manually get their credit so i thought i would write a small little post to help as ive had several people not quite understand.

All freebie sites have a support section. Within this support section is a way to submit a "NO Credit Request", wether it be via a special no credit request ticket or a regular support ticket. All sites are different but they will tell you the timeframe you must wait before submitting this no credit request. Usually it is waiting as long as the offer stated it would take to credit, ie. an instant offer you could submit for within say 15 mins. They make you wait cause sometimes the offer does credit on its own but takes a little longer to do so. Pay attention to the offer you did because some say they take longer to credit ( a few days maybe ). Basically you fill in the blanks on the ticket and you must make sure to include the confirmation email from the offer and that it has the full headers.

The two main things you need to know and understand are Confirmation emails and Full Headers. Ohh and how to copy and paste. ( dont laugh ive had some that didnt know how)

To copy/paste things you place the mouse cursor near what you are gonna copy amd hold down the left mouse button. Then ( while still holding down the button) drag the cursor down across evrything you want to copy. This should highlight it. Next let go of the left mouse button and it should still be highlighted. Now place the cursor over a section that is highlighted and click the right mouse button. A box should pop up with options an dyou wanna click the one that says "copy". Now just goto the place you want to transfer all the highlighted stuff to and place the mouse cursor there. Again click the right mouse button and the box will pop up again with options. Now you wanna click on "paste". ( use left button when clicking copy or paste ) This should "paste" all the stuff you had highlighted into this new space.

Confirmation Emails...... About 99% of the offers you complete will send an email ( sometimes more than one) to the email address you used when completing the offer. Basically the email thanks you for your order and/or shows your receipt details about your payment or whatever. It is VERY IMPORTANT you save this/these emails. This is what is gonna get you credit for doing the offer if it didnt automatically credit. I suggest making a special folder in your mailbox just for storing these emails.

Full Headers..... These basically add a buch of routing info to your email instead of just the to and from. Different email programs have different ways of displaying emails with full headers, but it is important to do so before you copy/paste the confirmation email in your credit request. Otherwise you WILL NOT get credit. I will go over the 3 most popular; gmail, yahoo, and hotmail.

For yahoo, if you scroll to the bottom of your email and look at the right hand side just above the "search the web" button you will see a link "Full headers". Click that link and it will refresh and now display your email with the full headers showing.

For hotmail, on the right side of your mailbox page you need to click the "options" link ( located just above "free newsletters" link ). Once you click that , on the left side will be some options. Goto Mail options and then click mail display settings. Now you will want to click "full" next to where it says Message Headers. Then click "ok" at bottom. You should now be able to click on your mail tab at the top to go back to your mailbox and read your emails. They should now display the full headers.

For Gmail, you must open the mail to read it. Then at the top right of the box that the email is displayed in will be "reply" and right next to that is a triangle on the right. Click this to open up a drop down menu. Now click on "show original". This will open up a new page and show the full email with headers.

I hope that helps some of the newbies that we keep getting. Any more questions or clarifications just ask.


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Thanks for the effort you put into this (and +3 karma).

To anyone else trying to explain the offer crediting process, I'd suggest linking to this thread as well as this one



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Thank psp +KMA for you! I have two trades right now that one didnt know what a missing credit was and the other - well doesnt even know they had to complete an offer...


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Yup definitely +Karma for you PSP....lots of people need to read this post....maybe it should even be a sticky


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I think I'll give you more Karma PSP just for bumping the thread!


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thanks for all your hard work. (now that I know how to copy and paste lol) I opened a wordpad and stuck that in I think it will come in very handy indeed (Fred)