Deleteing a topic.

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21-01-2007 10:10:24

How do you delete a topic or thread that you started?


21-01-2007 10:18:38

You can't, a moderator has to.


21-01-2007 10:20:10

[quote29762ebf3c="JKirk"]You can't, a moderator has to.[/quote29762ebf3c]
He can delete it if no one has responded to it.


21-01-2007 10:27:04

Thanks for the replies. That's just it. I don't need anymore referrals but people keep sending pms asking for the link. That's why I wanted to delete it.


21-01-2007 10:50:52

Edit it, remove the info replacing with something like 'Over' or 'Completed'. You can also edit the Title the same way.