Offers don't load

Live forum:


19-01-2007 21:11:51

When I click on some offers, the same ones from different sites even, it pops up, but doesn't load. What do I do?


19-01-2007 22:20:35

maybe you will have to disable your ad/spam blocker or firewalll ....


19-01-2007 22:25:37

I disabled everything already. When it pops up, it stops at the domain Offers from other domains work.


20-01-2007 07:23:06

That offer is probably dead. You might want to try some of the other offers.


20-01-2007 22:35:32

No, it's not dead. The guy I was doing it for checked and it was working for him.

I'm back in my dorm now. My desktop won't do any offers, but my laptop does, through the same router. I'm good with computers, but I can't figure out what's going on with my desktop. It looks like I have some ad thing blocking it, but I disabled them all. Any ideas?