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18-01-2007 20:50:53

ok need help I registered under someone for ps3 now how do I get referrals to help me?


19-01-2007 05:25:20

You could ask friends, family, etc. You could also post for referrals here and offer to trade for other sites or pay for referrals. You give them the referral link on your account on the website, and when they sign up, you will see them on your listing.

Hope this helps.


19-01-2007 07:42:54

You can do what Laurelwm said just now or you can pay people to be referrals or you could do trades (referral for referral) in this forums. However, whatever you do, you might wanna ask this question in the Help! section. You don't wanna get banned in you first few days here, now do ya ^_^?

Also I PM'd you with and offer let me know what you think.