newbie looking to get started

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18-01-2007 17:33:10

i would like to get started in this, any suggestions to where to go...
i been reading that some experienced guys here are afraid of newbies,well i have to said that i'm looking to do some business and to follow the rules... get paid for ref and then get some TR ...thanks


18-01-2007 17:55:48

the people on this site aren't very helpful as I've found out /


18-01-2007 18:15:26

well it seems that they are kinda affraid of new guys in here, i kinda understand in the mid time im reading a lot...


18-01-2007 18:17:32

I've just started have never done this before, am not really sure what I'm supposed to do after reading all the information, or where to start? Any advice from anyone would be appreciated.....thanks


18-01-2007 18:31:28

my advice take some time to shop around, see who is reliable, see if you want TR or money or both. usually if the TR of the user is high, he might be paying less for a site, since you also build up your TR while doing busines with him.
and I am sure if you'll take the time to look at the trading post and subjects, you'll find plenty of traders willing to trade with you

oh well, you can also start by doing some of my offers D
i need refs for 500free4me, youripodnano4free and 4freewii. i am paying bonuses if you do them in a short time or if you do 2 or more...
PM me P

personally i like trainn sites (like the ipodnano i'm doing) cause they have lots of offers to choose from

also, do not forget to read the FAQ, the site rules, familiarize ureself with the trade module, etc.
paypal acount is almost necessary, cc also...

hope I have been helpful

Happy trading!!!


18-01-2007 18:56:48

yeah thank you , but i read that i cannot trade with another newbie or with someone with less that 4...