Need help with IFW business.

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18-01-2007 15:22:38

I am brand new to the concept of IFW........ I want to get started but I truely have no idea on how to start . Can I find a friend here to teach me?
Thank you kindly. I joined " Project Payday" today and need some help. My name is Frank.


18-01-2007 15:29:08


You'll probably have to spend a few days studying the forums before you can get started. We have a number of rules, guides, and tips that should help you get started. Here's a good place to start




20-02-2007 20:15:31

Hi, Frank. We have something in common. I, too, joined Project Payday last month.
First, as Keith said, spend a few days here learning the rules, how to do this/that, the do's and don'ts. Even print out the impt. ones to keep in front of you at all times.
Second, learn how to read, post PMs. Gotta know this part so you can communicate with your fellow trader.
Third, I'd only concentrate on Project Payday's Method I right now - going green for a fellow trader by completing sponsor offers. When you get enough money from doing this, roll-over most of that or save back so you can implement Method II.
Getting a TR record above a #4 is very important, too. Then, U will be considered more trusted and can do a trade even with a newbie with a lower TR record and still get the TR from your trade.
Fourth, get a Paypal account and become verified. MOST important as you can get a Paypal MC debit/cash card later. Don't, and I mean DON'T use your personal CC# or bank account to fulfill sponsor offers. Sooner or later U will get dinged and you'll have to dispute it with your CC company - and oh my, the trouble that follows getting your money back. I've been burned with this before. You can also go to and pre-pay or load a Visa/MC for money you want to use paying for sponsor ads. And, later, paying for Greens.
IF you need more help (and I'm not an authority here as I'm still plenty new) just PM me. Perhaps, we can help each other out as we muddle our way thru in the "Freebie World" and make that MOOLAH!! )...Diana


21-02-2007 04:41:51

I am always available to help newbies and others with questions - feel free to PM me if you have questions or want advice. If I don't know the answer, we'll find it together.