just wondering... how people get on the fipg homepage

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17-01-2007 11:00:50

do the people that's referral links are posted on the home page of fipg donate ALOT of money to the site, or is it random or admin only....


17-01-2007 11:31:02

I believe $10 gets your freepay link on the front page. You wont get anything out of it though.

I donated just because I wanted too. I never asked to have my link on the front. I just did it so that this site could keep on going. I donated this summer when some hackers got in and tyler had to fix the site.

do it anyways, why not?


17-01-2007 14:26:51

true true... its worth spending the extra cash to keep something u like around


17-01-2007 14:45:26

how do you donate..i mean i saw the front by i do not have amazon...is there anyway i can send money thru paypal?


17-01-2007 14:58:34

There isn't anything to "have" with Amazon payments. You just go there, put in your CC/Debit card (don't remember if they take PayPal, but they might).


17-01-2007 15:00:18

well what i meant is i do not use it..=(
But i found out they do not take paypal.
I guess i cannot donate then..seeing fipg doesnt take paypal
If you start to...lemme know and ill donate