what is a bump? and more

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16-01-2007 16:54:38

I can see there are many people having fun here and that is a good thing. I want to have that fun too but I can see it is going to take my feeble butt a long time to learn all of this stuff. so here goes....

I keep seing "bump" in some of the posts. I would like to know what it means and how it is used and why it is used. that should be an easy one for someone to explain to me.


several days ago I was on and was going to go complete an offer for a nice gentleman, signed up on the site, activated it by email click and then while looking through the offers to see what I wanted to complete to go "green" ...I was called away for quite a while to deal with my kids.
when I returned several hours later the gentleman no longer needed me to complete anything on that site. now what are my optiions? I have no TR yet but signed up on this site. can I cancel it? should I build up my TR and go for it later? can I change the choice of "gift" that I initially chose?
at this point given I am a total wreck looking to help someone out and in turn making myself a bit of the "pie" who can give me the best advice but the people who have been here the longest?

I will humbly await any gracious replies and assistance.


16-01-2007 17:00:02

Bump - As you can see, as people post more and more you post goes down the page until it's on the next page. If you don't "bump" it, it will be lost where nobody really looks. When you a bump a post it is when you just reply to the thread so it goes to the top of page one, you may do that once every 24 hours.

No, you can not cancel it. I suggest just leaving it alone, but if you're looking to complete it you can change your gift by clicking "Rewards" or "Prizes", depending on what kind of site it is. If you can't find it tell me the site name and I'll find it out for you.


16-01-2007 17:06:05

When you reply to a topic, it moves (i.e is "bumped") to the top of the list. To bump a post is to reply to it, whether through the course of normal conversion, or specifically by saying "Bump" with the intention of moving the post up.

If you entered a trade with someone here, via the Trade Module, and they backed out after you signed up but before you could complete an offer, then that's not cool. They should know better than to jerk somebody around like that, and if they had good reason then they should somehow make a concession. However since you haven't completed an offer yet, you're not really out anything other than the loss of a reciprocal green -- you can still pursue the site yourself. You can open a support ticket and ask that your signup be canceled so that you can be referred under someone else, or at the very least have credit for your signup be revoked from the person who referred you (don't want to give him free credit). But not all sites will honor that request. In that case you can just decide if you want to pursue the account yourself, or just drop it and pursue others.


16-01-2007 18:38:24

You guys are great! I stepped away from the puter to tend to a roast in the oven and do a load of laundry, came back and had answers already!
Now I understand the bump even though I have seen most of the replies in a thread go to the bottom anyway leaving the original post at the top.

The other deal was just to complete an offer to go green for the guy, it was not a set up trade, which of course now leads me to another question. I will go to that site on my own to see what I can do but now I am left wondering if I want to now set up a trade just to accept the money for going green. I didn't think that would be necessary and that setting up a trade was merely getting another to complete an offer for me while I complete one for them, tit for tat you know? thoughts?