I-Deal... can i have some info on them

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16-01-2007 03:36:59

I see in the brag forum that a lot fo guys are getting stuff from them but i have never heard of them

Can someone give me some info

1) DIY or ref??

2) ODD or reg offers?

3) Some sites,,, i cant find any

thank you


16-01-2007 03:46:14

1. DIY

2. A mixture of both

3. You're on your own with that one


16-01-2007 05:23:01

Actually, while I-Deal is generally considered a DIY, with a couple of recent exceptions, they are really a "hybrid" of DIY and referral. I-Deal sites usually start out with a 6 or 8 offer requirement, plus 1 referral to do the same. Over time they often increase to 10+2 or even 10+5, at which point it just isn't practical to complete the site any longer. The good news is they release new sites on a regular basis. Also be aware that they release sites with prize values anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to over $2,000 with the same offer+ref requirements, so shop around and don't bother with the smaller prizes.

While I generally love I-Deal sites, and they've been pretty good to me so far, if you're not very careful about how you complete offers, and you aren't patient, they might not be for you. Sometimes they ship amazingly fast, while other times they'll take months, during which time they'll likely ship to people who completed after you did. Support is likewise inconsistent -- sometimes they're responsive and even help folks out here (like ContactMolly), then suddenly it's like they drop off the earth and won't respond to anyone for awhile. So be prepared to deal with those issues if you want to pursue I-Deal, otherwise we'll expect another barrage of "OMG! I-Deal is a scam!" topics. ;)


17-01-2007 03:38:20

Alright... thanx man