A problem with a verified trader

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15-01-2007 09:49:18


A verified trader (he has a good trade record so I will not mention his name yet) is requesting deletion of 2 trades we did.

Both trades went green and then one account got put on hold.

As soon as I found out I put in a support ticket (saturday) and today the account is no longer on hold.

The other account has remained solid green throughout and he has had no problem.

This trader though is now requesting deletion of both trades and does not seem to be communicating with me.

What should I do?

The trade rukes state that the trade can only be canceled if I do not communicate with him for 14 days but I don't want to cancel and have been communicating. I just want to get paid for what I did.

Please help.


15-01-2007 10:29:41

PM me with the user's name and I'll take care of it.