New to this. Am I just having bad luck?

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14-01-2007 13:20:17

Well, I just started doing these sites a couple days ago, and have found that I've been having nothing but problems.

First, let me say that, I have been doing all of the tips before doing offers. Deleting cookies, closing out any sites that don't need to be open, closing down antivirus software, etc. etc.

My first issue came with the V-Bux Network. It seems they had a problem with their auto crediting yesterday, and I had to do 5 manual credits there.

Then, I did a CustomOrderThis site last night. Ended up doing 3 offers instead of 2, because one didn't credit.

Now today, I've done two other sites for people that sent me PMs (A 2dollar site, and 4FreeiPhone). Both sites haven't credited me for either of the offers I did.

So, is this just a string of really bad luck, or should I expect things like this to happen alot?


14-01-2007 13:21:53

bad luck ( sorrry


14-01-2007 13:52:41

Automatic offer crediting can take up to 15 business days in some cases, and you should generally wait at least that long before requesting manual credit.

It's very difficult to get used to--especially as a newbie--but patience is key to the freebie scene.


14-01-2007 14:22:27

Yeah, I sent the manual credits to V-Bux due to them requesting me to, not due to impatience. Didn't want it to sound like I did just because I had to wait a few hours.

They found out that the problem was that one of their publisher's instant feeds were disabled accidentally.


14-01-2007 18:29:08

make sure ur using IE. it works best for me


14-01-2007 18:35:57

Yup, I've been using IE. I did go green on my first two sites today though, so atleast that's a little better news.