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13-01-2007 21:49:08

Hi all,

Was just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with the freebiegrab network of sites? I'm looking to get referalls very soon for a HDTV from the HDTVGrab site, but as its 25 referrals thats 250 in effect, if I get them that is.

Was just wondering if this site is kosher and if anyone had had any dealings scrupulous or otherwise, just so i know just in case i lose quite a bit of money to me!

Many thanks,


14-01-2007 09:26:32

This time it is for real.

FreebieGrab [bfb90814118]will [/bfb90814118]be closing two weeks from now on Monday 29th of January. We will remain open as usual till then, and any orders placed (you must have requested verification before Monday) before Monday will be fulfilled.

Regarding Chit Chat Bingo credits, we have had a very high volume of users completing this offer in the past month, and Chit Chat have seemed to revoked quite a few of the credits, I will try my best to get as many of the credits back as possible before we close, but that is all I can do.

If you order a Playstation 3, we will send you a PayPal equivalent of the value.

Notices will be placed on all of the sites of our closure, so new users are aware.


14-01-2007 19:53:52

I just found out, from the automated ticket service.. oh man i cant beleive it, im glad i didnt start getting greens straight away.

Does anyone know of any other UK referral sites like this one, that isnt closing down any time soon lol?