TR Rating?

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12-01-2007 20:01:49

I made a trade but dont know how to enter the tr rating for the person. Please Tell me how i can do this.


12-01-2007 20:12:01

To leave feedback, go to the trade module, go to your current trade with the specific user, and on the selection box on the right, select "Request TR". You will then be prompted to leave feedback. )




12-01-2007 20:20:08

so does this mean that when i post a topic the other person needs to click on Initate Trade in order for this trade to go through the process and get to the rating comment area?


12-01-2007 20:23:20

A trade must be set up between the both of you. Then both of you must complete what I said in my previous post.

Please try making a little more sense, it's hard to understand you.


14-01-2007 10:17:41

and don't foget to confirm the trade lol. happened to me when i was a newbie