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11-01-2007 22:34:18

I'm having a lot of trouble finding offers on sites that I can not costing more than 2-3 dollars.

Do any sites have a reasonable amount of offers Canadians can do for free over under $5?


14-01-2007 18:35:34

i think some sites accept residents from only US


24-01-2007 11:18:45

I too am Canadian and I'm finding it hard to find sites/offers that are cheap/profitable and are open to Canadians. I'm about ready to give up on this project.


25-01-2007 11:36:41

I am Canadian. My solution Do sites that allow you to obtain an extra referral in place of an offer, for credit ;)


25-01-2007 11:57:42

If you join our site unreferred, you can get an extra referral instead of doing an offer.

At the moment, we have a promotion also. There are a few offers that allow Canadian users. Please refer to http// for more info.