getting credit for a trade

Live forum:

11-01-2007 19:52:34


I recently completed a trade with another member (indigoxena) and both of our statuses are currently set to requesting TR, but we have not yet been credited.

I was just wondering how long it normally takes for a trade to get credited to our accounts.

Please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



11-01-2007 22:56:18

I just credited a ton of trades. However, please remember, if you trade with someone that has less than 4TR, and you yourself have less than 4TR, you CANNOT GET CREDIT FOR THE TRADE.

12-01-2007 00:24:12

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it!


14-01-2007 18:51:28

ya and teh admins i think look over ur trade to verify ur not cheating with them