Hi all!! New to this...

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11-01-2007 19:11:20

Hi all!

I'm a newbie to all of this free stuff network, only got turned on to it last week but I think its a very good idea! I'm just getting started and had a few questions...

I was just wondering how this forum works, as I understand it people who need referrals to sign up for free trials and the like for their free stuff put an ad or whatever, and in return people sign up and give them the referral for some money, or for a referral in return?

I'm a UK guy just starting out on this and was hoping to get a HD TV from hdtvgrab.co.uk, I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me out by way of referrals and what I would have to do to get them?!

Many thanks,


11-01-2007 19:14:37

Welcome! )

Your best bet would be to go to the Trading Post which is here


Post a topic there saying you need that site and say you will trade with people. Also, make sure you read the rules in the trading post here



11-01-2007 19:27:11

lovely stuff, thanks! i cant wait to get trading!


12-01-2007 21:11:26

I just had another question, as I think I read that right.. you don't allow referral sites? I don't really know much about all this as I'm new to it all but would HDTVGrab.com be classed as a referral site? As far as I understand it, you give people a link with a referal number at the end like xxxx.com/189607 or something like that then they sign up and do an offer for you, is that allowed? As thats the only sites I have being UK.. maybe I'm just reading this wrong, I dont know but id like to know to stay kosher.

thanks all,


13-01-2007 09:28:15

We do allow referral sites, but you can only share your link via private messages and the trade module.


13-01-2007 09:34:20

ok, thanks for claifying that for me.