When to Request TR?

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King Kommerce

10-01-2007 04:38:55

I know it's a teensy weensy detail, but I'm OCD. lol
I've read and read and read, now my eyes are bleary and I have not found this answer yet...I'll try to phrase this question as clearly as I can and without making myself look stupid...

When I'm the one being paid to green, do I wait until I have actually been paid before I request TR, even though my partner has already set his status to requesting TR?

I don't want to alienate anyone by not doing what I'm supposed to do when I'm supposed to so What is the proper protocol?

I've completed the requirements of the offer and am waiting to be paid by my partner, I assume (ass-u-me) after he gets approved.


10-01-2007 04:40:31

Yup, wait until both sides of the trade have been fulfilled completely.

King Kommerce

10-01-2007 04:42:38

WOW that was a quick resonse! Thanks so much, I feel much better now.


10-01-2007 07:47:04

You'll know when the time is right. It'll just feel right. Don't hold back when it's time, go for it.