Getting started

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08-01-2007 19:56:33

So from what i've been reading on here for a while, this would be the best way to go about getting started making some money?

-Put about 20$~ in a credit card

-Complete offers for people for 15$ 20$ ect

-When i've did offers for people on many sites for people, and have made a bit of money, start to get my own free items by buying referals

-Then just continue doing that for different sites and racking up the money by selling the items i get

...If i follow these steps, will i be doing anything wrong?


09-01-2007 22:31:42

Bump? (


09-01-2007 22:41:37

You won't be doing anything wrong )


10-01-2007 18:03:13

What is the best place to get prepaid credit cards? I looked at the 2 pages for it on the front page of here...but is there anything better?


12-01-2007 09:27:21

I went to my local Walgreen store and bought a MC debit card.
It was $10 to activate and has a $5/mo fee. The basic service
allows me to put up to $500 into it, but I decided to start small
with $30 and see how it goes. I think Riteaid and some other
stores sell MC and VISA debit cards also.