Fairly new freebie forum site, but want permission first!

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Easy Bling

08-01-2007 11:54:48

This is a general question for the admins. There is another forum/site that is trying to establish an international base for CA and UK site, while still having the majority US sites. It is still a fairly small site; however, very well organized, and it has accredited both A4F and FiGF in the site admins quest to get free ipods.

I just wanted to know if I could make a post about the website itself, or the forums, either/or. If you would like a PM to see the site yourself, just let me know.

I definitely don't want to go getting myself banned, thus the reason for all the formalities. THanks for your time.



08-01-2007 12:38:14

Yeah you can talk about the forum on here. As long as you're not violating our rules then by all means go for it.

Our userbase can be tough though, so expect some criticism if you do post it.

unknown uchiha

08-01-2007 15:19:44


Just kidding. Discuss away.

Easy Bling

08-01-2007 15:26:47

EL OH EL Thanks guys, I appreciate the quick response!