Newbie here!

Live forum:


08-01-2007 06:20:21

Hello all D
I'm very excited about starting this and have read all rules but still kind of confused there is so much shock to learn but is very comforting to see that all seem to work well with one another and willing to help us newbies out. I have looked in the trading post and have seen some "trades" that I have been interested in participating but when i go in all are stating "locked" to me. Am I doing something wrong? In the Trading Post list it shows they are still open....please help Thanks so much...just need to know if I am missing something.


08-01-2007 06:35:37

Welcome! The trading section is closed at the moment due to poeple not reading the rules. Real all around here and you should be on your way to a good start )


08-01-2007 06:38:42

D Thank you so much this will give me some extra time to read up and get better educated on everything. I will just keep checking back I guess. Thanks again!