Newbie help please

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07-01-2007 18:22:50

Hi everyone this is my first post.I have read the rules and stuff,my question is how do you make trades or get paid for signing up for free offers your first time.Doesn,t it say that you can only get credit after 2 trades,and the person that pays you can only get credit for your services after you have done two trades?I,m confused,help;.garebelurl==http://=http:///url thank you.


07-01-2007 18:51:27

hey man,
if you look for the most part each topic may have its own rules for the specific form. in trading, it says that if the trades both have a tr (trade record below 4 that neither of them will be credited for a trade. this is to prevent two people with low tr's from requesting trade upon trade to gain a higher TR. also as a newer person you would wnat to trade with someone who knows what he is doing so he could help you through and so that you could prove to the site that your reliable and a good trader. if you want to gain a higher TR then you have to complete and record 4 trades with a user with a TR of 4 or more. if the user is below 4 TR then your ratings wont change. hope this anwers your question. if you have any other questions about anyting about the site, feel free to pm me or post more. every one here is very willing to help others out.


07-01-2007 22:00:00

wow that helped me thanks... i was wondering why i had alot of tr denied"s


08-01-2007 12:40:33

glad i could help man, good luck, if you need any other help feel free to pm me or anything, here to help.