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07-01-2007 13:05:30

Maybe this is really dumb at best, but here goes.

In doing GREENS for $, how many times can I sign up for, say, Seattle Coffee Direct? What I am finding, no matter whos link I follow, is the advertiser's offers are all pretty much the same.

I am somewhat cornfused!

Fire away.........PLEASE



07-01-2007 13:07:01

You can only complete each offer once, regardless of the site you complete it on.


07-01-2007 13:07:08

One offer. No matter what site, you can only do the offer once. Any more than that, is called fraud.


07-01-2007 13:07:52

You can only do an offer ONE TIME. You can never do the same offer twice. You can never sign up for the same freebie site twice either.

That should answer your question. )


07-01-2007 22:01:08

what is a non cc offer? what does it mean? ahhhh


08-01-2007 09:49:47

Thanks for all the responses, and, it's as I thought. Last question (I think) would be this. Are there more than the 25 to 50 offers I have seen? Seems like all the links I am sent have the same offers, so that would mean I'm finished.


09-01-2007 18:35:08

[b2e3c361828]Good question!! (This is my very first post)

So, if someone sends you a request for a trade, and you have already done that offer, you (meaning 'I') would have to decline the trade, because I cannot sign up again. (right?)

And if the 'requestors' are sending the ''same'' offers, then what???

Learning the ''Trade"- LOL (ok, that was funny to me)

OHHHHH so much to learn!!!! )[/b2e3c361828]


09-01-2007 18:48:23

a person should not send you a trade unless it has previously been agreed upod. you should always keep track and a record of what offers and sites you have completed so you can be sure that you don't double up, becuase that is fraud and illegal. always discuss before having a trade intialized to avoid having to cancel and going through the annoyance of having to cancel a trade on another trader. show reliability. and dont be affraid to ask the other traders questions. every one on the site is very freindly and very willing to help newbies start out. we all had to get our start somewhere.


10-01-2007 10:18:50

Thanks!-i'm thinking I'm starting to understand how it works now.

many thanks!


10-01-2007 10:27:33

Thanks!-i'm thinking I'm starting to understand how it works now.

many thanks!