pm's and replys help

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07-01-2007 09:54:34

I know this is probally stupid but.... when I PM someone or post a reply to their pm it gets put in my outbox and stays there. IS that normal? does it just take a while to transfer? I am concerned because I want my traders to know that I am not ignoring them and am a fast responder unless I say something otherwise to them.... which I am not sure if their even getting.
I have tried to look for info. on this topic but it is probally so basic it is a no brainier. I just want to be clear what I am doing and the process so I don't go crazy. Also... what is the export.... ( oops ...really emabarssed to ask)


07-01-2007 10:54:19

If the message is in your outbox, it means that they didn't read your message yet. Once that message goes into the Sentbox, it means that the user you PMd received your message and opened it.


08-01-2007 08:16:49