Cash 4 referral or referral 4 referral?

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06-01-2007 18:31:58

so i was just curious if anyone out there still does referral for referral trades? it just seems like the vast majority are just out there to make some cash. dont get me wrong, i have paid for referrals, but it is nice to see referral for referral trade in the trading post everyonce and a while. its alwyas so cluttered with "i am willing to by your referral" adds and anyone out there feel the same way? or do you like the cash for referral? what do you all think? thanks


06-01-2007 20:30:02

yes, many do. i for one am limited to what offers I do so usually i do cash for ref right now
i only recently started doing this. probably only 10 of my 70 tr is from cash trades, if that. most of my other cash trades have been no cc sites which are not factored into tr