whats going on here?

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06-01-2007 13:14:09

i have signed up under someone to do an offer at youripodnano4free, but every offer i try and click on either takes me to smiley central or gifts.freepay.com. WTH is going on here? is this cause i reside in canada?


06-01-2007 14:07:36

Yes, if you reside in Canada and you click on USA only offers it will give you the smiley.


06-01-2007 14:21:57

well that sucks


07-01-2007 05:48:52

yeah i recommend checking to make sure that you, as a Canadian, can do the site before you sign up. a great way to do this is to use the link from your trader to go to the site. do not sign up. instead look at the site FAQ or terms of service.
alternatively, before you agree for the trade, go to the site in question and do the above.


09-01-2007 17:08:10

Isn't it possible for a free site to have terms and conditions allowing canadians, but the actual offer may not? So John Doe looks in the trader and goes to the site, sees it's a canadian site, signs up, but then he finds out the offers are USA only.


09-01-2007 21:50:19

That could be possible if the site used to or intended to include offers from Canada, but simply doesn't have any available offers posted.