How long does it take offers to go green?

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03-01-2007 16:48:15

I was wondering how long it takes on average for most peoples offers to finally go green and show them the credit. I am working on multiple sites (trainn, giftmonkey) and it seems that offers that say they are instant credit, still take sometimes over a week to show. is this just me, or is everyone having this? or is it a patience issue on my behalf. thanks everyone.


03-01-2007 17:01:26

The freebie scene requires a lot of patience, it can be hit or miss with some offers. Some credit instantly and some 2-3 days and some 7 days etc.... If for some reason the offer doesn't credit then you have to wait for manual credit which can usually take 15 days depending on the company.


03-01-2007 17:46:47

thanks man, good to know what to expect.


03-01-2007 18:05:10

instant to 28 days


06-01-2007 13:20:23

where exactly am I waiting for credit to show. In THIS system or from the "link" site that I made an order on. I say this becasue I have been told by the latter that my order was credited but I can't do anything with it on this site... anotherwords I am unable to click the edit button without getting a failure notice. So am I waiting for it to transfer systems or what? ? ? ?