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Bill W

02-01-2007 20:44:48

Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie in here and have several trades of which I went green for a member.

Now, this individual seems that she does not want to pay what was agreed upon for the completion of the offer or pay anything at all. She promised payment two days ago and still have not received it. In addition, she is ignoring my PM's to her in reference to this.

What is the procedure for this situation in here?

Thanks so much in advance for your assistance and information concerning this.

Bill W.


02-01-2007 21:10:18

It all goes by the agreement both of you make. If the agreement was payment on green then you shouldve been paid when you were green. Or if the agreement was for you to receive payment after approval, it means you must wait days to weeks for his account to be approved and your green to hold up. I always make it clear before the trade they must wait for approval if they have no TR.

It seems that payment was supposed to be on green, if a member doesnt pay and ignores your pm's you pm a mod on this forum and start a thread about the situation in the scammers section.

I would usually give them a few days, especially if there is communication between both of you.