Same offer Multiple Times?

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02-01-2007 00:35:31

hey guys, does anyone know if you can use the same offer multiple times for referrance points. for example, if for my giftmonkey site or 3604free site i sign up for and then cancel. can i resign up for the free trial and do it all over again for another referral point? post or pm me back if you know the answer. thanks everyone.


02-01-2007 00:39:36

no you cant


02-01-2007 07:55:24



02-01-2007 08:08:32

Absolutely not. This is one of the cardinal rules of referral-based sites. Another one is that you don't discuss offer cancellations. Discussion of any sort of site or offer fraud is forbidden here at FiPG as well.

And before somebody tosses out I-Deal as an exception, with their 6-month repeat clause, I'll point out that people who know how their affiliate networks operate and how sponsors give credit, are highly skeptical that I-Deal gets paid for repeat leads. So despite them claiming it's true, until I see people repeating offers with them after 6 months and still getting paid/shipped, I'm somewhat skeptical myself.


02-01-2007 20:30:57

STAY CLEAR !!!! dont wanna tread like dat homieee... ur cheating urself others and the businesses