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01-01-2007 14:34:01

So I was thinking that it would be really, really convenient if the offer pages accepted PayPal to get credit for your green. Does anybody know of any sites that are doing this or will be doing this any time soon???
-another newb


01-01-2007 15:11:23

There used to be a few. I think Napster had it back in the day but I doubt any of them have it now. Why not get a PayPal debit card? It's free and only takes a week or so to get it.


01-01-2007 16:35:28

That's a good idea. Thanks man.


01-01-2007 19:37:49

Better yet, just download the Paypal Virtual debit card application and pay for all of your offers through that!

virtual debit card is EASY to setup and it'll only take a few minutes to get started

the money will come straight out of your balance and if there isnt enough, from ur bank acct, cc, etc


01-01-2007 23:35:56

I don't think it comes from your bank account on the virtual card.