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Bill W

30-12-2006 18:11:51

Hi Guys,

A newbie here as of yesterday and I'm having a blast in here!

However, my question is this. How do you leave feedback/trade record/karma for the members you are traded with?

Thanks in advance for any information. It is greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,

Bill W.


30-12-2006 18:54:45

For Karma click +Karma under their name.

And for TR - In the trade click the drop down menu and click "Request TR"

Bill W

30-12-2006 19:03:14

OK..great! Thank you for that info. I do have one more question about PM's.

I have noticed that I have been PM'ing people. Some go through to the SENT folder but most just sit in the outbox and are not getting sent.

Why is that?

Thanks again in advance! )


30-12-2006 19:04:20

Outbox means that the other party hasn't read the message yet. Sentbox is where they have read the message. Kind of like how you haven't replied to my messages, but I know you read them. XD


30-12-2006 19:04:32

When PMs are in the outbox, that means that the person you sent it too hasn't read it yet and it will stay there until they do.