A Question About Terminology

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30-12-2006 11:28:03

Hi All!

What is the difference between "approval", "approval of green", and "directly green"? Just trying to increase my understanding so I don't stick my "foot in my mouth" later on! heh heh

I see statements similar to

"I will request that payment be after approval of the green, not directly after you green." AND ...

"I will request that payment be after "approval".

"I will pay you after you pass approval"


I thought if you are "green" then you are ... well ... "green". ?

I'm assuming that "approval" is when one is ready to "cash out"?

Just trying to clarify my understandings here.


Rick aka CorpRebel 8)


30-12-2006 12:42:43

Yes, approval is when the account is ready to cash out, and is put under review. This is when a ref is either approved or rejected; until that point it can stay green.

So a ref turns green initially, then gets put through approval to make sure it was done correctly (without frauding).

What this means for you is that there is a delay between the time when you go green and the time you get paid, if the person you're in a trade with is paying you after he/she passes approval. This is not something to worry about, though.


30-12-2006 13:12:39

GOTCHA! Thanx for the clarification.

Sometimes getting involved in something new jumbles my brain a bit and I need enlightenment! lol

Thanx again!

Rick aka CorpRebel 8)