Text Message SPAM!

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25-12-2006 12:38:43

So about 2 days after I get my phone I get a text message, it's some crap about some party so I just guess it's something lame like someone sending it to the wrong person.

Turns out I was wrong since I keep getting them.

I have Sprint, so I go to the site to block the number it has when I call the text, but to no avail I keep getting spam.

Anyone know how I could block this?

unknown uchiha

25-12-2006 16:01:29

You could disable text messages. I've gotten two spam text messages about "Free Walmart Gift Cards" o_o


26-12-2006 00:29:14

I get text messages from other people, so that's not really an option I'd like.


26-12-2006 22:27:45

Maybe the person that had that number before signed up for a bunch of crap. Or some guy uses it to give to sites that he doesn't want to give his real number too. I get calls from a guy asking for "MacDaddy" and leaving voicemails all the time. I finally called him back and told him that I wasn't MacDaddy and to stop calling. But I'd suggest talking to your cell phone company and think about changing your number.


26-12-2006 22:38:34

I got a spam text message tonight too about some free ringtones. \

unknown uchiha

27-12-2006 00:30:01

I got about 6 spams tonight. Apparently SOMEBODY signed me up for a ringtone/horoscope service without my knowledge. I got my horoscope, which means that this person knows my birthdate. I had to text "stop" to the service to get them to stop, and I'm pretty sure because of this asshole I've lost like $10. I'm gonna call up Verizon tomorrow and get this sorted out =/


27-12-2006 11:52:02

I have Sprint, so I did the logical thing and called them. Supposedly it's block, but I'll believe it at the end of the month when I have no more spam.

Also mine are about like stupid parties and crap in the LA (where I am) area, so I guess the person with this number before signed up for something.