Free PS3 UK Offer.

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22-12-2006 06:00:12

I have found a referral site called Free Clickz[=http//]Free Clickz Don't worry thats not my referral link! D But it will be my first ever time at this, and am not completely convinced it's not a scam. I need 18 referrals and must complete one offer, which the cheapest is open a savings account and place 1 in it. Is this genuine? And if it is is there any better UK ones? Another thing is, it's only a pre-order bbecausethe PS3 is not out here until about Spring 2007. Thanks. I think I should be able to manage 18 rreferrals I might do them myself D maybe at school or whatever. Thanks!


22-12-2006 09:41:02

i would think that 18 refs seems like a lot. but it depends on the offers that your refs have to do