Fusion Referrals

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19-12-2006 15:45:22

How long does it take to get your money from referrals?

I have already received compensation for offer completions for some referrals, but still haven't received their referral bonuses for the same people.

How long should I wait before I contact Fusion?


19-12-2006 16:59:53

I think you're referring to FusionCash.

[quote6f77437e53="FusionCash FAQ"]
Can I refer my friends to earn more money?
Our referral bonus system is very simple

li Refer a friend who confirms his/her email address $1 bonus
li Your friend completes his/her first offer $2 bonus
li Your friend cashes out $2 bonus

I would think it would be pretty automatic, but check with your referral if they've confirmed their email address.