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18-12-2006 01:25:23

OK so my old iPod i got from the site stopped working and im working on getting a new one. so i went to and signed up, did an offer, only to notice jUST NOW that there is a where you can get the 80gb ipods for just 3 more referrals.

the two sites are definitely run by the same company and in the terms and conditions it states


1. Accounts.

(a) Users are not allowed to have multiple accounts within a single referral-based site. All multiple accounts found to be fraudulent or which violate these Terms and Conditions will be placed on hold.

now if i created the account at and then go and create one at the other site, are they going to end up blocking my account or something? or will they not cause its considered a different site entirely...


18-12-2006 04:49:06

hey bro,

your fine. as long as you don't create another account on, your fine. So you can have one on lcds one on premium ipods. But when you make two on, you get in trouble.

But a word to the wise.

Freepay ( is not what it used to be. Now it has incorperated a 90 day time limit (not really a big deal), a 30 day minimim time period. The necessity for you to mail in your approval forms. And once all of that is done, you might be spending several months waiting for your item.

OF course, there are many other sites out there.

ipods.123stuffforfree is the fastest they will get you your shit within like a week and a half of submitting for approval. 30gb ipod is 6 refs here.

trainn is also very good, they are pretty big. But you can plan on about 3 weeks of waiting for your item, after you have submitted for approval.
30 gb ipod is 5 refs here.

yourgiftsfree ain't too shabby either ;-)
30gb is about 7 refs here (correct me if i'm wrong)

good luck w/ the free biz.