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15-12-2006 19:04:47

(I'm new to these forums and I believe this is the right place to place such a post, if not please relocate this to the appropirate forum and please pardon the mistake)

Dear members of FreeIPodGuide Forums,

I've seen plenty of banner adds saying "hey free ipods/flatscreens/cellphones" and as of right now I believe them to be all scams. But as of lately (due to my friend having an Xbox 360) my curiosity has been peeked about so called "legit" freebie sites. At first Freepay seemed like the way to go due to it will publicized nature (BBC, NY Times, Boston Globed etc.) However, as with all ventures of mine, I did a little back ground reseach on the company and found quite a few negative reivews of it from customers.

My eye now turns to a new company, Transcendent Innovations (Trainn.org) being that you, the populas, has had experience in this feild there are some questions I'd like to ask you about Trainn and the whole Freebie process

1) How secure and reliable is Transcendent Innovations (Trainn.org)?

2) Are they the best? If so why? If not why not and who is?

3) Do they have contact information outside of emailing them (specifically I am looking for a [b10239fafe5][i10239fafe5]phone number or an AIM screenname I can contact them live with[/i10239fafe5][/b10239fafe5])

4)What is the general wait time for an item to be recieved from them? I'm specifically looking/working towards an Xbox 360

5) Has anyone had any issues with them? If so what and how were they resolved?

7) Aside from "customer testimony" what other [i10239fafe5]hard evidence[/i10239fafe5] does Transcendent Innovations (Trainn.org) have to offer for their legitemacy?

8) [b10239fafe5][i10239fafe5](Important Question)[/i10239fafe5] What are some tips/tricks to protect myself when getting into freebie websites (sperate email address, pre-paid credit card (like Simon Visa Card) etc.)?[/b10239fafe5]

9) What is the best site for a plasma screen TV? Why? and how secure are then?

10) Any other tricks/tips you think that would be helpful for me to know to get fast referalls?

11) What are some of the best, fastest and most secure sites for the following items [b10239fafe5] xbox 360, PS3, plasma screen tv (hopefully 25inces+), laptop, desktop, [/b10239fafe5]

11) And is there any other critical information I should know?

As noted above, I want be safe when I get into this, so that is why I'm turning to y'all for your help; I'd greatly appreciate if someone would give me a responce as soon as possible, I'd greatly appreciate it. (also please use a numbered fromat so I can keep things organized D thanks a lot!)

Holy Vampire 32 ^__________________^b


15-12-2006 22:31:02

1.) Transcendent Innovations (Trainn) are very reliable, very legit and very good. I'd say they're probably the most reliable, consistent and user-loved network out there.

2.) It's all based on personal preference. Some people swear by them, some people refuse to use them and some are indifferent. They've gained their reputation by consistently shipping out gifts and Paypal, they offer Paypal which is a huge bonus, they have great support, good payout ratios ($40 and up is good), fast crediting and they run a tight ship.

3.) Not to my knowledge.

4.) To recieve an Xbox 360, you could sign up, complete your offer, refer the required number of friends who all complete their offer, request approval, be approved, have them ship it and you receive it, all in 2-3 weeks. It's been a while since I've actually completed a Trainn site, but for me, it was excellent.

5.) You'll be hard-pressed to find a site that hasn't/doesn't have users with issues or complaints. They usually resolve their issues through support tickets which can be found and created from your account page.

6.) You missed number 6. wink

7.) Just search the Brag Bag for "Trainn" http//forum.freeipodguide.com/search.php and you'll see how many people have received gifts or Paypal from them. Keep in mind that not everyone who receives something froma site tells everyone about it, a lot of people only pipe-up when they have something to complain about. They've shipped out hundreds of thousands of dollars so far.

8. ) Using a separate e-mail address from your primary e-mail address is a must. Personally, when I sign up for a site, I use my primary e-mail address, but when I sign up to complete an offer on a site, I use a completely different e-mail, just for that purpose. Most freebie sites don't send you spam unless you opt-in to receiving third party e-mails, but it's the offers you click on or complete that will send you the spam. As for a Simon Card, it depends on what kind of security you need. I don't use them, but the advantage of using a pre-paid card is that it's separate from any other cards you may use.

Some offer companies (ie AOL or Blockbuster) are very shady and even if you follow their ToS, they will still charge you repeatedly. SO if you use your bank debit card, they could easily put you overdrawn which isn't good. I don't have a Credit Card, but I believe those offer you the best security.

9.) It really depends on what you think of as "best" You could complete a DIY site, complete all the offers yourself and wait 4 months to receive your gift, only costing you maybe $50. Or you could do a referral based site (Like Freepay, Trainn or OC), pay for a lot of referrals (35?) costing you anywhere from $500 to $900 and then get your Plasma within a week of being approved.

10.) Not really. If you have a lot of friends, family or work colleagues who you could convince to sign up and complete an offer for you, it could take no time at all. That's your best bet, but not everyone has alot of people willing to do these sites. (

11.) Trainn, OfferCentric (OC), YourGiftsFree (YGF), 123StuffForFree, Free4Me, Order4Free.

11b.) If you are going to use this forum to trade (you pay someone to complete an offer on your account, someone pays you to complete an offer on their account, you complete an offer on someone else's account in return for them doing the same on your account), then you will need to read the rules, the FAQ, the Trading Post Guidelines and some other valuable threads, to ensure that you don't get scammed.

I'd say that about 90% of Freesites are legit, the rest are scams. In general, you don't have to worry about being scammed by them, but if you're using the public forums to find your referrals, being scammed by another member is the biggest deal. Happens all the time, although not as much a it used to. The only thing you can do to help protect yourself is read all of the above. If you check out the FAQ, it has links to all the other useful threads you need to make your time here as hassle free as possible.

I'd say 90% of our members are all good honest people who won't screw you over, the rest are all scammers.

If you have any other questions, ask away. D


15-12-2006 23:50:52

Wow theysayjump,

Thank you soooooooooo much for all the info its all been a great help. After I do a little more reseach I just might start up with a couple of sites. I think I might be doing some trades (cash for refes, sicne I'm not so keen on using a Credit Card for stuff like this) So if ya don't mind me pickin your brain a bit more, I got some other questions ^_^

1) got a site for all this freebie lingo, YGF, ToD, OoD, A4F? @_____@ (NoteMaybe you guys should make a Newbie Lingo Page ;) just a thought)

2) So whats up with these "conga lines"?

3) You think its faster to ask for the money (paypal) then the actual item or is the time just as equal?

4) Is BigWin.com a good/legit site? I got my eye on that bose surround sound system but its a lot of referalls (22 @_@)

Again thanks a lot, from lurking around the forums it seems that with some hard work I can get some great stuff for free/low low cost. Now its just a matter of getting referalls ^_^


16-12-2006 00:09:32

1. ) http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=39641 wink

2.) Conga's are where someone posts their referral link, and people use that link to sign up. When they get credit, they post saying so and that posts them next in line for the top spot. Then when the person at the top has the set number of referrals (usually they're not set so that people get all of their refs, but a few so it gives other a chance to get some), they drop out and the next in line is at top. Anyone interested in joined, now uses the new person at the top to sign and complete an offer, and so on. We don't do Conga's here, but they do them on nearly all the other Freebie forums I believe. It's 90% of the time only advantagious to the first 3 or 4 (sometimes more depending on the popularity of the site) people in the conga, then it dies down and the interst in it is lost.

3.) Most people take the Paypal I believe because it puts you in charge of what to do with it. If you want a 360, you could get a 360 from Trainn, they'd send it to you and you'd have it, or you could take the Paypal, find one yourself a lot cheaper and have money left over. The good thing about Paypal, is that as soon as they send it, you have it, whereas you have to wait for a physical item to arrive.

4.) BigWin I've had absolutely no experience with at all, so I really can't say one way or another I'm afraid.


19-12-2006 00:00:01

Do you know how well these offers respond to using pre-paid credit cards? That the way I plan to protect myself and not have to worry about being scammed, unless you have any other good opitions of how to protect my money? Thanks for all the help


27-12-2006 14:33:35

i don't know if this is allowed but I'm gonna risk it and bump this thread for a responce to my previous question...I hope no one's mad ^_^;;;


27-12-2006 16:09:02

It depends, from what I've seen they still work for the most part, but I've seen some sites and offers now starting to implement devices to not allow them since they lose out when people cancel early, or there isn't any money on them.


27-12-2006 19:37:09

damn i had typed all the way to the second to last question and then somehow closed the window (
let me just say that I highly recommend trainn.
also of note, if u want to avoid trading or getting referrals you could do trainn sites as points where u do all the offers yourself and get points. i think the payout ratio is less but it is less of a hassle.
another way to get free stuff from this business is instead of doing one site, u can have an auction and do signups for different sites for paypal for people. my brother did this. u can use this paypal to get an item. this works for lower end to mid tier items but would not be worth doing for a plasma b/c as you get to the higher amount of referrals u can not get that ratio with an auction, at least i dont think so.
anyway i hope that helps. pm me if u need more help
oh to answer another question, u can create a gmail account to use for trading/offers so ur personal account does not get cluttered. if u need an invite PM me.
u can use a credit card just for offers if u want. why not do a credit card to get that credit card?


28-12-2006 20:34:17

Yeah, known I would do a DIY site however the only thing with that is taht I'm worried taht a lot of it is not legit. A lot of these offer I don't trust I don't want my identity stolen nor my CC number. That's why I like legit sites like blockbuster, true.com and other sites that are verified or secure.