Help!! Video Professor wont Give me credit!!

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15-12-2006 17:32:30

Hey everybody,
I completed the Video Professor offer throught about a month ago. Ive gotten the HTML package, my cc was charged, Ive forwaded all the proof on to iftmonkey and still no credit. Giftmonkey tells me that it's up to Video Prof. to send them verification and they havent sent it. Wen I talk to V.Prof., they tell me there's nothing they can do. They say it's up to Giftmonkey. Then they told me to try email=ing email=customerservice@i-dealdirect.comcustomerservice@i-dealdirect.coming, which they say is an agency that goes between thetwom companies. I have done this and havent heard back yet.
All I want is to be credited so I can move on and work towards my reward. What can I do? HELP ME PLEASE!!!! Thanks, Jeremy


15-12-2006 17:39:48

That's an interesting email address....


15-12-2006 23:15:36

Yeah, I thought it sounded fishy, is that what you mean by "interesting"?


16-12-2006 18:36:25

I dont think offercentric does manual credits. Could be wrong tho. And that email is for another network, not OC.

unknown uchiha

16-12-2006 18:42:15

That email's for I-Deal, which I'm pretty sure is also a publisher.


17-12-2006 13:39:04

Is there some way I can communicate with Video Professor and get them to confirm this with Giftmonkey?

unknown uchiha

17-12-2006 15:24:02

Most likely no. Just do another offer and make sure you allow all cookies before you do them.