help with next 360 game

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15-12-2006 11:55:00

alrighty, lookin for some ideas here.
I am ready to submit an order on trainn 360 games. i should be getting credit for my next offer shortly and have the referrals to place another order next as well. I do not really need a new game right now but want to order one and then let the other sit there.
i have
gears of war - playing like crazy
saints row - still have like 1/2 the game to beat
oblivion - just have to do the main quest
all 3 bk games - who cares when i play those
madden 05 - 2 achievements left
prey - just have to beat it on the hardest difficulty, likely not going to get the multiplayer achievements but i may try later
pgr 3 - hardly play it
perfect dark zero - got all but the hardest difficulty beat and only need 1 board (jungle is crazy)
COD 2 - love it, havent played it in forever
fight night rd 3 - all achievements
i think i have a few more games.
anyway, anyone have any current games that just came out in the last month that they like that they would recommend? I have steared away from sports games b/c i dont like to play them alone. i was thinking about rainbow six vegas but i would likely play GOW instead. i could wait for lost planet i guess.
any ideas would be appreciated. i am aware that you cannot read my mind but i was looking for some group brainstorming.
thanks guys and gals!
i am not going to get cod 3 b/c i think someone got me that for xmas, i dont need any marketplace points, i dont need an accessory pack, i dont need a controller.


15-12-2006 12:37:26

I recommend Rainbow Six Vegas.. that game is so much fun. I switch off from that and Gears of War. If you like racing games Need For Speed Carbon is a good one. Also Splinter Cell DA was just marked shipped for me so I will get it soon.. it looks fun.


15-12-2006 16:20:35

Rainbow Six Vegas and Gears of War are totally different. I tried the demo of Rainbow Six Vegas and liked it.


16-12-2006 15:12:51

thanks guys i think i will get rainbow )


17-12-2006 21:16:01

COD3 most definetely

that game is hella good!


17-12-2006 22:23:38

I saw in my Game Informer mag that there is a new game called Lost Planet coming out mid Janurary and is only for the 360, I fell that usually games that are only for the xbox are usually good (GOW and Halo).

Im looking at getting this when it comes out!


17-12-2006 23:05:45

I'd have to say that if I were you I'd get Splinter Cell Double Agent. It's SUCH an overlooked game. The poor game released just a week or so before the mighty GoW hit and all the attention was focused on that. It's REALLY fun and addicting. I haven't played it in a month or so because my 360 freezes and gets glitches with that game (my 360's fault, not SCDA's). I'm gonna have to ship my 360 back soon to get it repaired YET AGAIN.



Gears of War > SCDA > Other 360 Games

Rainbow 6 Vegas is just another bland shooter to me. I played the demo and it was really similar to Rainbow 6 Black Arrow. |

It just really feels like another mediocre 3D shooter that is pretty fun at first but gets boring fast. I haven't played the multiplayer yet but I'd bet it can't compare to SCDA's, and I'm also pretty sure that it's almost exactly like single player. SCDA's multiplayer is a whole different game than the single player.

Also I'd have to say that the campaign in SCDA is REALLY fun.

SCDA > RB6 Vegas hands down in my humble opinion. I really think that you'd be satisfied longer with SCDA.

I'd rather be sniping people, being stealthy, stabbing people with my knife, choking them, setting up mines, using sticky cams, using all types of grenades and tazers and so on, than just shooting terrorists and repelling down some windows and throwing some misc grenades and whatever else you that is entertaining for an hour or so.

By the way I love how your actions effect how you're either a terrorist or a good spy. I think it really adds to the game. Oh and there's plenty of achievements for you jy3. )


18-12-2006 08:06:08

thanks, guys. not sure which to get now. i have not played a rainbow game yet. plus splinter cell is on my xmas list )
in other news, i am waiting for approval for my 3rd prize from 360 games. for that one i am going to wait until spring or summer when more games are out.